Sucked in my pride and took the plunge.

I was feeling really desperate and anxious a few days ago and then I saw a gofundme here and I othought.. What the heck!! It was really daunting as I’m not the type of person that regularly asks for help and it’s often hard not to sound like one is begging..So I put up my details as you can see and within a few hours a very good friend donated a quarter of my goal which should cover my flights to China. I am still in shock but also so excited because I will be reaching out and touching Thegreatwall and meeting the esteemed director who has also helped me by giving me incentive and a new sense of purpose not to mention keeping me busy click here if you are interested in competing or just visiting China.


Why not join myself and Mark Pattenden for an adventure of a lifetime👍👍 href=””please don’t forget to take a look at my gofundme page thanks 👍

crazy ultra runner


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