My Travel Arrangements Are Nearly Sorted

Its been a rollercoaster ride the past few months ups ,downs ,worries ,stress ,elation and now finally , excitement because if it was not for kind and generous donations from a lot of people of whom I have not met in person but because they are of like minded interests like myself,  they understand how very important this is to me and they also know how passionate I am . My deepest thanks for all their amazing patience and support the last few months..Yes and yes again ,I am indeed repeating myself because this is an opportunity of a life time  and although I have my flights, accomodation ,insurance and visa covered I still have to leave a few euro s for me family and no I dont think I am being greedy at all because my target 1500 euro included leaving a few euros for my family so if you could throw in a few euro hopefully youll click on this and Gofundme or alternatively I have a PayPal account which I will provide on request It seems that everyone is ignoring my tweets ,facebook,linkdin lol and the rest …I am 175euro short of my final target ..and I just cant give up after coming this far right???

So my apologies if it seems like I am spamming my social media pages I am just excited and really ,yes maybe over zealous but in honesty.. if I had not done what I have done I would not be going to China in 2 weeks time woo hoo! saying it loud makes it even sooner..thank you so much for all of your amazing support especially Mark Pattenden ,Simon, Warren ,Frikkie, Kimberely, Brad ,Amy ,Chris, Nicola ,Mel and the list goes on..and…on



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