Most amazing journey ever!!



This is where all of your amazing sponsorship brought me..In all honesty until I actually   arrived in Beijing and met Mark Pattenden in person it was all just a dream. Besides all the crazy traveling hours this is where we all ended up and it was incredibly tough out of a possible 60 who entered the full marathon only 17 finished . Water points were far and few between which didn’t help especially with 30 degree heat and the steepest of inclines, I think any of us had ever experienced.


This is a graph I took from Strava to show just how steep the ascent and descent was.
In any case I only managed 14kms of the wall which was basically out and back. I stayed with the awesome Kathy who was optimistic about completing her first full Marathon until she and I realised just how daunting a task it was. Running seemed impossible and it was better to walk run lol more walking then running . I was to wait for Mark at the turning point (7km) but when Kathy and I finally reached it I realised that there was no unearthly way that Mark would be able for the steepest of descents ever!!


This is the descent down to the turning point and if you are any way scared of heights , I wouldn’t advise attempting this…I was using language that even non English speaking folk would understand:(😜😝.
The days before the Greatwallmarathon were interesting and I met some really lovely people a little crazy..but lovely all the same👍👍


Amy our tour guide was such a gem and I want to thank you for being such an amazing host , Haley Ginn you are an inspiring coach and I was really chuffed to have met you.. Mark Pattenden mate keep doing what you doing buddy you are an inspiration to many and I have enormous amount of respect for your grit and determination and also a huge congratulations on getting that world record who would have thought the bionic man would get his world record?🙌🙌 and then there was the engineer from India who is an awesome person and tougher then he looks and will go far with ultras and running because he has an awesome mindset Vijay Mantri my friend it was a total honour to meet you …. Last but definitely not least Kathy Calio and Giselle Rapanut ..Kathy you are definitely the quiet one and Giselle if I need someone to talk me a lullaby you’re my gal🙋🙋


There are so many people who I have to thank and you know who you are…my utmost appreciation for your support and believing in what I was and now have done..


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