My campaign so far

I am still in shock as to how many people have in some how impacted on my up and coming trip to China… I am really excited ..I might say that again..I am really excited:) Now to obtain relevant documentation for my visa and then I can breathe a little easier. I guess I’m not used to how things are processed in China it can be really frustrating and slow. I am an ex soldier and time keeping is something that I’m a stickler being anxious is an under statement.Hopefully things will be sorted by Monday at the latest..

On another note all of you great people that have helped me get this far and hopefully further thank you so much this is truly happening and I am still in shock at the generosity of every one especially friends that I haven’t seen in a while and I mean easily close on 20 years or more??!! I am truly overwhelmed with emotion this could be something to start me on a new career path.. If I could travel and promote marathons for a living I would gladly do it, this is where passion lies and how bad would it be if I could make a living promoting marathons all over the world?? Wow getting paid to do something that I really understand and respect..

I believe I can do anything because without self belief nothing is possible and impossible is nothing . The greatest I have learned from campaigning and running is….never give up if you fail ..try again the only way to learn is trial and error. A good friend taught me that thank you Simon and every one for believing in me when others would’ve given up on me..Heres a link to my donation page please feel free to peruse my campaign and see what I am about



I think my folks would be proud of me..?

When I was a young lad all I ever wanted to do when I grew up was be an aircraft designer. It seems like such a long time At this moment in time all I want to do is get to China never have I had such drive then right now at this precise moment…all I can say when I put up my my link you see.. no effort when its an opportunity that only comes around once in a lifetime.

I was heading home after putting my x on the voting sheet , reflecting and thinking back to what mom and dad used to tell me. To be honest, had a lump in my throat because mom would always stand by me and say “if you believe you can do something, then you will, don’t let anyone tell you different” Dad would’ve been more cautious and always think safety first and be the responsible one..Dad would go with his head first and heart last .. I on the other hand am like my mother and wear my heart on my sleeve. So that’s why I am so passionate about going to China and touching an amazing part of Asian History .

Growing up without a lot of things taught me the meaning of appreciation and this is one of those times… If being unemployed has taught me anything its that even though things are grim , it doesn’t matter when there is hope. I am very fortunate to be in a fairly positive place in my life at this moment in time..and really thankful to a lot of people friends and family that believe in me and what I am capable of doing and becoming. Also think that me Mom and Dad would really be proud of me.. Quite an odd feeling knowing that even they aren’t amongst the living they still have a hold on me..fb_img_1450446211613.jpg

I guess just want to thank everyone who has been supportive with donating to my fund to those that have given me the motivation and given me positive feedback and most of all Mom and Dad if you are reading this up in heaven thank you for being amazing role models despite the other stuff you were brilliant parents..

A dream is coming true..

Wow!! Crazy couple of weeks? I have my flights booked, passport came and now I have to apply for my visa.. Oh yeah and travel insurance.. I was little negative this evening as I thought the race director was arranging or helping to arrange my visa..then I was told that I needed to apply for one not sure what I’m going to do.. As is everything else has fallen into place I guess I just have to stick with the program?!


Ben thankyou for email the other day and your help will really come in really useful.. I need all the help I can get promoting  Thegreatwallmarathon and trying to get enough donations to get there and pay for accommodation, transport lol doesn’t help that I have paid for my airfare if I have no where to sleep.. 😂 Here is my link if you feel I deserve to see Greatwallmarathon and touch the wall..I can only do that with your kind donations 👍


This is where the Firstwestern ambassador will be standing in 76 days
Thank you reading if you do I guess just needed to digest what still needs to be done..

Sucked in my pride and took the plunge.

I was feeling really desperate and anxious a few days ago and then I saw a gofundme here and I othought.. What the heck!! It was really daunting as I’m not the type of person that regularly asks for help and it’s often hard not to sound like one is begging..So I put up my details as you can see and within a few hours a very good friend donated a quarter of my goal which should cover my flights to China. I am still in shock but also so excited because I will be reaching out and touching Thegreatwall and meeting the esteemed director who has also helped me by giving me incentive and a new sense of purpose not to mention keeping me busy click here if you are interested in competing or just visiting China.


Why not join myself and Mark Pattenden for an adventure of a lifetime👍👍 href=””please don’t forget to take a look at my gofundme page thanks 👍

crazy ultra runner

This is my trial blog for all things China and The Great Wall Marathon. I have been sitting here for the last two or three hours maybe more deciding how my blog will look and so far so good..I have to say a big thank you to my awesome friend Simon who has proclaimed himself sensei Guru:) I have a ways to go yet but the basics are covered I think..?? It’ll  all come right eventually..

As a first blog about all things China and the Great Wall and I promise to try…to make it more for the non-runners and travellers 🙂

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I will try and keep my blog updated regularly with information relating to the do’s and dont’s etc. If you have read this thank you