A few weeks left China on the horizon


Exciting times ahead..just under 24 days until I fly out to China and realise a dream,experience a different way of life and a different culture no matter how brief it will definitely interesting and learning experience. No matter what comes or goes this is going to happen and this is down to a lot of very generous, honest people to whom I owe a debt of gratitude and I am sure if I was in a position to help I would definitely do the  same for anyone as well..

I have worked tirelessly on this campaign and a lot of you I am sure are probably tired of my unrelenting campaign efforts. Just in case you’re not  aware of my campaign Heres my gofundme.com link and  My link to The Greatwallmarathon.

Everything I have achieved so far is due to dedication, passion and all of your support it means more than you can possibly imagine. I uploaded a video yesterday to express my gratitude and ask for your continued support I’m still shy few €100 to cover accommodation costs and travel and if you read this Mark Pattenden I thank you for giving me an incentive to get to China surely a pint or three is incentive enough 😂😂.