A few weeks left China on the horizon


Exciting times ahead..just under 24 days until I fly out to China and realise a dream,experience a different way of life and a different culture no matter how brief it will definitely interesting and learning experience. No matter what comes or goes this is going to happen and this is down to a lot of very generous, honest people to whom I owe a debt of gratitude and I am sure if I was in a position to help I would definitely do the  same for anyone as well..

I have worked tirelessly on this campaign and a lot of you I am sure are probably tired of my unrelenting campaign efforts. Just in case you’re not  aware of my campaign Heres my gofundme.com link and  My link to The Greatwallmarathon.

Everything I have achieved so far is due to dedication, passion and all of your support it means more than you can possibly imagine. I uploaded a video yesterday to express my gratitude and ask for your continued support I’m still shy few €100 to cover accommodation costs and travel and if you read this Mark Pattenden I thank you for giving me an incentive to get to China surely a pint or three is incentive enough 😂😂.


Incentive to put up charity blog to fund my ambition and to finally feel like a person again.

I was pondering this the whole of today and yesterday. The reason I am driven is because I want to prove that even though my self esteem was at an all time low, life being unemployed tough and everything that I have done seemed to be for nowt. There is always hope, opportunity and good people who believe in me.. In August last year when I was chosen as ambassador I was scared of the how’s and what ifs now I’m impatient for my passport to arrive so that I can book my flights, yes amazing who would have thought that little ole me could do something so exciting at 41 years of age??

If it wasn’t for very supportive friends and people helping me with options I don’t think I would be where I am now, honestly wouldn’t have put up a fund me campiagn but yes it had to be done.
I dislike begging, I would prefer to ask for help in the form of a small donation anything at all to help me with food and place to stay whilst over in China. Any donation will be accepted with the greatest appreciation. <a href="http://gofundme.com/dun6ah4s&quot;please feel to Donate if you are a business you will be able to claim it all back thank you.


Time is ticking by please help me full fill a life long dream..

crazy ultra runner

Christmas is finished and New Year to come.


We all want this…All the essential things that will make the New Year a success. I’m hoping that mine will be as good as 2015.
Not long before the (take a look, maybe register) in China.
It’s New Year ‘s Eve and wow!! 2016 is just a few hours away well for some us, others are nearly there already..scary stuff. I went for my last run of 2015 and on this run,the longest since my injury.. I had time to reflect and even though the past few years have been a struggle it has all been for something special not quite sure what that is yet, but I’m optimistic that things will be for greater good.


The Great Wall Marathon my next goal and hopefully you all will join myself and Mark Pattenden for a journey to remember  There are different distances so if you are not interested in doing 20000 steps then there is a half marathon distance or even a 10km hence catering for everyone. So if you aren’t a runner and want to experience The Great Wall there’s no excuses click on the link (“Join Us”) and register with #777 in the comments box.


Thank you all for an amazing year of learning and friendships long may it last..