Incentive to put up charity blog to fund my ambition and to finally feel like a person again.

I was pondering this the whole of today and yesterday. The reason I am driven is because I want to prove that even though my self esteem was at an all time low, life being unemployed tough and everything that I have done seemed to be for nowt. There is always hope, opportunity and good people who believe in me.. In August last year when I was chosen as ambassador I was scared of the how’s and what ifs now I’m impatient for my passport to arrive so that I can book my flights, yes amazing who would have thought that little ole me could do something so exciting at 41 years of age??

If it wasn’t for very supportive friends and people helping me with options I don’t think I would be where I am now, honestly wouldn’t have put up a fund me campiagn but yes it had to be done.
I dislike begging, I would prefer to ask for help in the form of a small donation anything at all to help me with food and place to stay whilst over in China. Any donation will be accepted with the greatest appreciation. <a href=";please feel to Donate if you are a business you will be able to claim it all back thank you.


Time is ticking by please help me full fill a life long dream..

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